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Great Teachers… phenom or fiction?

We were so excited to be 6 and in the 1st Grade! I think that my Darling Diva was so anxious as the days of summer fun drew to a close and we began the “Back to School” mode.  She isn’t one of those children who just doesn’t like school.  She had the ‘new-teacher’ jitters … Continue reading

Bonding with a New Friend

As the parent of an only child, I am oftentimes plagued with feeling like my Darling Diva should have a close circle of girl friends since she does not have that sibling bond.  Earlier this year, there was a new addition to our kinderQueen’s class – she was soft-spoken and is described by her mother … Continue reading

Birthday Bash

And now we are six… going on 36.  Birthdays of years past: Our Princess is One Glamy Gymnast Toddlerella’s at The Palace Ballroom Flying into Spring with the Park Primadonna Pre-KinderQUEEN of the Jungle “What kind of party do you want this year?”  I ask.  “I want to go to Hawaii!” she says.  You can … Continue reading