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He’s Just Not that Into You

What? Me!  How could he just not be that into me?  I wasn’t offended when she said it though.  I suppose as an outsider to the situation it could most certainly seem that way.  And if I’m the one who is delusional then… How stupid am I?

Why do we [women] do this to ourselves?  Is it wrong to have such confidence in the fact that 2 adults could very well be “into each other” and yet still be so independent and such respectors of each others time and space?  I understand that such a paradigm is in the minority as it relates to millennial couples.  Has the core of honesty, respect and fidelity eroded such that even the mere thought seems foreign to most?

I will say that I have had my doubts but only after “listening” to others and feeling influenced by their reality.  I’m ok with it either way.  I am often described as a difficult and complicated woman.  I self describe as direct and to-the-point in most any case.  He self describes as “a simple man”.  I don’t think I would be the only one to say that simple is not vague (which he can be at times).  I often wonder if there are so many things that are “simple” to most and “oblivious” to me… What cloud am I floating around on?  It can’t be me. 

Needless to say… I enjoy his compliments, conversation and company in general.  We complement each other and I am satisfied with that… for now.  I will keep you posted.

A life un-learned is a life un-lived.



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