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Lights Out

As much as I like to sleep in total darkness… I love coming into my dark bedroom on nights when the moonlight is cast ever so gently across the bed.

I see the moon and the moon sees me…

It takes me to a place that seems so long ago that I would never recall such a moment or memory since nights like this happen so rarely.

All the same, if I close my eyes – I can almost feel the light of the moon as if it were a calm cool breath of night air. If I were to look out of the window I would see a blur of greens, midnight blues, darks shadows of grey. My clarity came in the light of the glorious moon and the musical medley of the crickets, frogs and other creatures of the night. I was alone. I wasn’t afraid. I looked out into the night and knew my place.
So much has changed since then… I still enjoy the moon, it has not changed. I may take a brief glance into the night sky, but I don’t look out the window into the night as I used to do. I lay down and look at the light of the moon as it looms into the room and onto the bed. I listen for the music of the night. I await my moment of clarity. I am alone. I am not afraid.

Please let the light that shines on me shine on the one I love.

What’s going on under the light of your moon?



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