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Darling Diva

Birthday Bash

And now we are six… going on 36.  Birthdays of years past:

  • Our Princess is One
  • Glamy Gymnast
  • Toddlerella’s at The Palace Ballroom
  • Flying into Spring with the Park Primadonna
  • Pre-KinderQUEEN of the Jungle

“What kind of party do you want this year?”  I ask.  “I want to go to Hawaii!” she says.  You can imagine my surprise as I tell her that Mommy can’t take you to Hawaii for your birthday.  She pleads, “but Mom, what if I only invite the girls?” Well, Mommy isn’t made of money and even if I were, I would not fly my six year old and her friends to Hawaii for a birthday party. 

But of course, I will attempt to do the next best thing to make her smile.  All the water parks are closed til summer (except Great Wolf, I know and it just wouldn’t fit the feel this time around).  So, Hawaiian Falls it is – cabana, cool drinks, and fun in the sun with friends.

I love my baby!



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